What a Show!

September 13, 2011 by theney

South Lake Tahoe 9/10/2011

What a great night! Impressive mix of songs (although too short, and not quite load enough – 10:00 PM cutoff sucks). I brought one of my sons and my daughter (first big time concert!). We went home (here in South Lake) with big smiles feeling lucky to have been able to really rock.
This was the first time since the early Van Halen days I have seen Sammy. I first saw him in 1974 with Montose down in San Antonio Texas (line up: Jo Jo Gunne and I believe Black Oak Arkansas). Next time was in San Bernardino (not at the Swing) on his own (line up: Night Ranger) and the later at the Rosemont in Chicago with that other band. I was disappointed at the time that he would have to ‘give up’ his indpendance, but I guess it kind of worked out.
I also grow up in the inland empire (Rialto), so I feel like he is a home town boy, hell we may have known some of the same people. His style, hard work, honesty and love of the music reflects on how we were brought up in a real working class neighborhood. There is nothing like fast cars, fast women, hard partying and LOAD MUSIC…
Can’t wait until next year!!!

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