Cabo Birthday Bash 2016

June 24, 2016 by Mandy Buck

Any word on when the Birthday Bash lottery will be to sign up for tickets

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you have to put your name in for the lottery drawing for each day, if you don't get selected you can stand in line for dinner/show tix.... you can win up to two for each day (I believe) rules will come out soon. :) good luck!!!

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by end of July....I was lucky enough to win twice!! Went to day 1 last year, year before the hurricane happened.... good luck!!!!!

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Ya I saw on my FB On This Day today was the final day for sign up for the shows in 2014 so guessing it should be pretty soon!!! So far I have been shut out every year so hoping for a little better luck this year!!

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How do you register for the drawing and how many tickets can you win. If you are not selected in the drawing is there an option to purchase tickets?

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If it flows like years past the entry period will be mid to late July, and the drawing(s) will be early to mid August. Unless you live close by I would go ahead and book the trip now and not wait.