Van Halen needs you both back ASAP! Roth Sucked ass!

July 25, 2015 by Dless

After seeing them last night VH at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Chicago (my wife get tickets for us for my B day) so it's her fault lol, I think David Lee Roth has Alzheimer he was terrible. Forgetting lyrics and mumbling as the crowd kept the songs going. And they really miss the background vocals of Michael Anthony. Sammy always rocks and is my #1 choice. Eddie was yelling at Roth for fucking up so much lol. Oh yah David also flipped off Alex before his drum solo as he walked off the stage. Roth played Ice cream man solo, they should have justed kicked him out then. Bring back Micheal & Sammy. Very must a waste of time & money. And I missed my sons last baseball game that I am the manager before he heads off to college. My sons took me to Sammy's show 2 years ago in Chicago & it was awesome. I would love to bring my wife to see Sammy play at the Four Winds Casinos in New Buffalo, MI. not to far from me.

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I agree with you on DLR. I decided not to see VH as I viewed them on the late night shows and it was painful to watch. Plus from what I've read they've been real jerks to our guys, so I won't support them. If you still don't have tickets, I have 4 tickets for sale to the Four Winds show. Section 102, Row K, Seats 7 - 10. If you're interested, please let me know. I am selling them in sets of 2, or all 4 together. Price is $180 per ticket. I have them posted also on StubHub, as I need to sell the tickets. I would love them to go to a fellow Redhead! This is a small venue, so it should be a great show! Heck, any show Sammy does is awesome! Thanks,

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Van Halen is desperate to even tour with him. The entire world knows there is no comparison between Sammy and Dave as performers. I still recall the Sam & Dave tour....was extremely disappointed Sammy opened the show, but now thank God. After the first song or two from DLR, people just starting running out of there (including myself). I couldn't imagine suffering through his entire set.

Sammy will do best to stay away from those losers. Read his book and listen to his honest words about how difficult they are to associate with. Please, please go see Sammy to get that nasty taste out of your mouth!! You will not regret it...Sammy is one of a kind in today's rock world.