Sammy Hagar and Friends Coffee Table Book signed by Sammy and The Wabo's

January 08, 2013 by csw

Hi Admin, will any more of these signed books become available? The store says temporarily sold out. I purchased an unsigned version when they first came out in 2006, but I would love to get a fully autographed copy. Thank you.

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Yes!!! I am glad you got one....I got mine in 2006 when they first came out as well and could not pass up the deal to get a signed copy so I got one too!!! Redheads are the best and I have never met one that wasn't cool!!

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Thank you Maureen...I got one! Almost missed out, had not checked for a couple of days and got your post. Thanks again...redheads are the BEST!!!

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Hey CSW!!! They now have the signed Coffee Table Book back in stock!!! Hurry and get yours !!!! :)

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For all questions regarding merchandise please contact

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We apologize for any lack of notice that you or any other fans may have had for the Tiki Mugs. There was a miscommunication internally between us and the person who manages the store that resulted in some of the mugs being sold without advanced notice. We have more that will be made available later this month, Jan 21, 2013 at Noon (PST).

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Don't count on ADMIN to alert you of anything regarding this. They gave an answer on another special limited edition item that it would be available "SOON". The item was then added to the store without announcing when it would be.