Sammy's Beach Bar Rum

August 07, 2011 by brownieou812

After reviewing the latest edition of Cabo Living featuring Sammy, I noticed in a picture of his liquor cabinet a bottle of Sammy's Beach Bar Rum.....product of Hawaii. I searched for a trademark and low and behold it is held by Red Head Inc. Looks like the RedRocker is now in the Rum business. Anyone know where to purchase a bottle?

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It is the current 10th Anniversary issue which I believe is the summer/fall edition. Has Sammy on the cover straddling a hammock and Kari raising a guitar above her head acting like she is going to smash it over his head! Picture is one included within the article. Just picked it up in Cabo in June.

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I posted that Sammy had a Rum coming out last October! It was the rummor going around during the Birthday Bash! The name was to be "Red Rocker Rum"! And don't forget about the Cabo Wabo Beer!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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which issue is it spring or summer 2011



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I don't believe it's for sale yet...but looking forward to trying it, that's for sure!!!