Happy Birthday, Samantha!

March 24, 2020 by admin
Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Look who’s 19 today! Happy birthday to my youngest and namesake daughter Samantha.

Having been locked down for the last 14 days with you has been such a blast. Mom and I would be going crazy without you being here with us. I love this picture from a couple days ago and I love you! ❤️ Dad #happybirthday #likefatherlikedaughter #19 #daddysgirl

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My name is Patricia Hagar. I am your distant cousin. My mom bought an ancestry book 40 years ago and you were in it. I've wanted to meet you for the past forty years or at least talk to you as there are no living Hagar's left in my family. I grew up in Attleboro Ma. but have been living in Waterford NY for 40 years. I am the Operations Director of a homeless shelter in Troy NY and am on the front lines. I'd like to meet you some time before either one of us dies.

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She definitely looks like daddy's girl !!
Beautiful too

Happy Birthday !!