Funky Feng Shui - New Circle Lockdown Challenge song & video!

March 28, 2020

"The Circle will be doing more of this, it’s too much fun!" - Sammy

This video is the result of a challenge started by Jason Bonham to record a jam they'd been playing backstage warming up for shows while everyone is stuck at home in the COVID-19 shelter-at-home lockdown. Filmed on their phones, Jason started with the drums in his first Instagram post then challenged Vic to add guitar. Vic then passed it on to Michael Anthony and Sammy wrapped it up!

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Here's the videos as they were recorded:

Jason Bonham:

Vic Johnson:

Michael Anthony:

Sammy Hagar:

This is "Funky Feng Shui"! 


She on the dance floor live
Just a knocking ‘em dead 
She got that funky feng shui 
She got the red dress on
Getting down on the beach
Drink in her hand she’s working on
In dem alligator sneaks 
She got that funky feng shui

 2  Redhead Comments

kcrules69's picture

Guys way to keep Rockin, all the Red Heads needed that.

JCirar's picture

Awesome song! Shouldn't be just for warm up backstage. "Life in the Fast Lane" & "Dust in the Wind" were also warm ups, became songs and we all know how well those songs did. You should release it as a single. Hope you also squeeze it into your set on the upcoming tour. Thanks guys!!!