I Never Said Goodbye

I Never Said Goodbye
CD 1987 Solo

Liner Notes

I Never Said Goodbye is a Sammy Hagar solo album, his only solo album released while Hagar was a member of Van Halen. The album was recorded in ten days as a contractual obligation to Geffen Records as a condition of his leaving the label to join Van Halen and their record label, Warner Bros. Records.

It is also sometimes known as Sammy Hagar, and some pressings even left it simply titled Sammy Hagar, but it is not the same album as his 1970s self-titled release.

The album was originally titled Sammy Hagar, and included an untitled cover. The album was re-named I Never Said Goodbye, the name being chosen as part of an MTV promotional contest.

It features Eddie Van Halen on bass. In an interview, Eddie said he also played a very brief part on guitar uncredited.

The songs "Give to Live" and "Eagles Fly" were also performed live by Van Halen together with Hagar. "Give To Live" also topped the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in 1987, a first for Hagar as a solo artist. The former song was included on the album Live: Right Here, Right Now, the latter on the optional Bonus Disk as well as on the "Jump" single.

[28 Year Anniversary]
28 years since "I Never Said Goodbye" came out!! WOW!
This album originally had no title and had an MTV contest to name it - which I chose "I Never Said Goodbye". This album was actually recorded as a contractual obligation to Geffen Records as I was leaving the label and joining Van Halen. Overall I love this record, songs like "Give To Live" & "Eagles Fly" have gone on to be classics for me - they were even incorporated into the Van Halen live show during my acoustic performances.
I played all the guitar on this record Eddie did one small part in Eagles fly in the middle instrumental section he did his finger tapping chimes.

I really had a great time recording this record, and I really do love this record. I went around the world promoting this on TV and press ending in New York on the David Letterman show (see video below!) while I was crispy, but it was a great experience the record sold really well - over 1 million going platinum I was thrilled!


Jesse Harms on keyboards, David Lauser on drums, and Omar Hakim played drum overdubs on "Back Into You" & "Hands and Knees" - some bad ass drumming on their part! Damn, I miss this record, I'm gonna go put it on right now. -Sammy

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